(Oxymetholone U.S.P)



50mg/Tablet – 100 TABLETS

(Oxymetholone U.S.P)

Oxymetholone is a powerful muscle-building steroid that contains the active ingredient Oxymetholone.

Here are the effects it can have on your body :

– You can gain a significant amount of muscle mass quickly.
– It increases the production of red blood cells, which can make you have more endurance and carry more oxygen.
– You will feel stronger and more powerful.
– It helps your muscles grow and repair faster by boosting protein synthesis.
– If you have joint pain, Oxymetholone may provide relief.

But there are some possible side effects to watch out for :

– It can harm your liver, especially if you take high doses. Regular check-ups and liver support supplements can help reduce this risk.
– It may cause high blood pressure because it can make you retain water. Monitoring your blood pressure and managing water retention are important.
– Some people may experience stomach issues like diarrhea, pain, nausea, vomiting, or loss of appetite.
– It can have progestin-like effects, which could lead to unwanted breast tissue growth and water retention.
– Acne can be a side effect for some people.

To minimize these side effects, it’s important to get regular health check-ups and consider post-cycle therapy after you finish an Oxymetholone cycle.

If you’re a beginner, you might start with a 6-week cycle taking 50mg per day in the first week and increasing to 100mg per day for the rest of the cycle. Keep in mind that some of the weight you gain during the cycle may be lost afterwards.

For experienced users, a 10-week cycle could include Sustanon 350 at 750mg per week and Oxymetholone at 150mg per day for the first seven weeks. Then, you could switch to Dianabol at 30-50mg per day and Propionat 100 at 400mg per week for the last three weeks. This combination helps maintain the results you achieved.

Remember, this product is not for children and should only be used by adults. Keep it out of reach and make sure to follow the recommended guidelines.

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